Our Story


Our Danish immigrant grandparents, Vagn and Marie Lange settled on our family farm in April 1959 and immediately appreciated the "grand view" their new surroundings provided them.

Soon, a bustling horse retailing business was born and their land grew hay and grain to feed them. 

Their children Jack, Sharyn and Rick were all involved and could always be found on the local horse show circuit.


By the 1980's the farm had grown with the acquisition of more land and the introduction of beef cattle.

Through the 1990’s and 2000’s, Rick continued to scale the operation with substantial growth of the crop business and his son Aaron joined the enterprise full time in 2007.

With his expanding experience and with the addition of his own children, Aaron sought out new farming practices focused on the health of the land and its outputs. 


In 2017 he set his focus on transforming the operation to a regenerative pasture based farm. Planting native non-GMO cover crops, eliminating tillage, eliminating synthetic fertilizer and harmful chemical sprays were the first steps and in 2018 we pasture-raised our first chickens.

Today, Aaron is joined by his cousin and Jack's son Steve, and they are dedicated to creating a healthy soil and grass-based farm that supports the humane principles of raising happy livestock and healthy products.

We currently pasture-raise pigs and chickens that are supplemented with home grown non-GMO feed and our grass-fed/grass-finished cattle eat nothing but forage for their entire lives.  Our animals never receive any added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

Our mission is simple, take care of and regenerate the land to raise healthy food for our families and our community.

We invite you to join us in eating foods you can trust and feel good about.

Aaron and Steve