Our Team

Aaron Lange

Having grown up on the farm, it is no surprise that Aaron chose to create a thriving life here for his family. Strong beliefs in doing things right led Aaron to challenge the traditional farming model and commit his efforts to Regenerative Farming. He and his wife Melissa are very passionate about regenerating the land and raising healthy livestock for their family and our community. They both love animals and have a special appreciation for the cattle who through rotational grazing are improving the soil at a larger scale. Their boys Elijah and Henry are always involved and love all the big boy toys (equipment). Aaron, Melissa, Elijah and Henry love nothing more than driving around the farm, checking on the animals and catching a spectacular sunset.

Steve Lange

Steve spent much of his youth working on the farm and always enjoyed being a part of the family operation. With deep rooted family values, the opportunity to get involved with his cousin Aaron and the Regenerative Farming practice was a perfect calling. He is passionate about working hard to improve the health of the land, the livestock, our food, and to be a part of a growing community with this focus. Steve applies his past large scale event production experience to our retail operation with a focus on sales operations, marketing and our brand. Steve and his son Vagn love the outdoors and get away to the cottage any chance they get to enjoy the lake and an evening campfire.

Jay Fraser

Jay leads our farm operations and applies his diverse hands-on skillset to the daily requirements of the enterprise. His background in fixing and building keeps him very busy and in high demand. With extensive experience managing livestock, he has a keen awareness of our animal's needs and managing the changing pasture environment on our farm. Jay is dedicated to the health of our soil and the role our grazing livestock play in its rejuvenation. Jay and his wife Shauna enjoy any and all outdoor activities including remote wilderness adventures on their ATV and camping.